Our Beers

Our core beers are designed for conviviality; they are moderate in alcohol, and big on taste. Enthusiasts will appreciate the depth of flavours and quality of the brews, while the after-workers will appreciate that they can linger a bit longer with their mates without worrying about whether the dog house is well-bedded. Stories will be told, views will be soaked up, and smiles will linger well beyond the pub’s door. Winning.

They are also designed to showcase the quality of international materials available to modern brewers:

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Tristan Jones Atlantic Pale Ale

4.1% ABV, 18 IBU - Our flagship pale ale uses only British and US ingredients for a transatlantic flavour experience! Straw-coloured, with a distinctly citrus and fruity aroma. The initial impression is a smooth, almost honey-tasting malt backbone, balanced by a pleasantly mild English bitterness. Then the bright flavours of the late US hops comes through to leave a lasting impression of sweet grapefruit, floral notes and some fresh pine resin..

Tom Crean Irish Red Ale

4.4%ABV, 16 IBU - A sultry red hue and creamy head are the hallmarks of our Red Ale. But what piques one's interest are the mingled notes of toasted and roasted malts, combining on the palate with a soft fruitiness from a classic British yeast. Low bittering is just enough to balance and enhance the broad malt profile. Poured with nitrogen for extra smoothness, this mild flavoured yet distinctively complex beer is a treat to be enjoyed in any season.

Wylie Little IPA

5.6% ABV, 35 IBU - Australian malts bring a copper colour and a touch of sweetness to our Wylie IPA, but only as a background to the loads of Aussie hops dumped into it! Exceptional flavours of soft tropical fruits, mild spice and citrus are blended beautifully on the nose and the palate. The Wylie achieves the delicate balance of bitterness and alcohol you'd expect from an IPA without the heavy alcohol, so you can indulge in more than one without crawling home!