It all started when...


A short Welshman, a moustachioed Irishman and a lanky skinny-fat Texan started The Wanderer in 2014.

Why? Boredom and stupidity mostly. But also to have a bit of fun.

The name derives from our collective inability to settle down in one country. It’s representative of all the friends you meet in Sydney from all walks of life, every corner of the earth, all with one common purpose: to find somewhere decent to bloody eat and drink.

Hopefully this is your new local. Enjoy (responsibly of course. This is Sydney after all).


Our beers are constantly rotating – we aim to try and cover as many bases as possible, from a crisp and fresh lager right through to something chocolaty with coffee undertones. We’ve got something for everyone.

We’ve also started our very own local brewery too so we can pick and choose what to put on tap and match up with our food. Check out the chalkboards above the bar for our latest offerings…..


Chilli burgers, poutine, the hottest hot wings on the planet, burritos the size of your face………this isn’t going to be part of your hipster diet (although we do have a salad option for anyone wanting to save space for more beer).

Check out our menu here


We’ve got a home-made shuffleboard, giant jenga, mini jenga (for the ladies with the really small hands), a Nintendo 64 (tres hipster), a dartboard and a custom-made ahem, water pong table for your pleasure.

Want to take your local status to another level? Buy one of our custom-engraved copper mugs here and be part of the very fabrics of The Wanderer. Your mug will be kept on a hook behind the bar forever.

Need to book a private room? Click here for a tour of the Cwtch……

Want to see some of our package deal offerings? Take a browse here