The WBC Story

Three guys from three countries.

We’ve lived many places, but we call Australia home now.

As Wanderers do, we met via a soccer team, a mutual friend, and a love of beer. Then we discovered a shared daydream of owning a brewery and making good beer. During our travelling days, we’d all found that a comfy seat, a good view and a tasty beer is the best way to keep the Wanderers in our lives at a single table for an hour or three, enjoying a laugh and trading adventure stories. Those are some of the moments that make the trip worthwhile, and we loved the idea of our beers being the catalyst of those moments.

So in 2016, between day jobs and real life, Wanderer Brew Co was born on the streets of Sydney.

Our core beers are designed for conviviality; they are moderate in alcohol, and big on taste. Enthusiasts will appreciate the depth of flavours and quality of the brews, while the after-workers will appreciate that they can linger a bit longer with their mates without worrying about whether the dog house is well-bedded. Stories will be told, views will be soaked up, and smiles will linger well beyond the pub’s door. Winning.

The core beers are also designed to showcase the quality of international materials available to modern brewers:

The Tristan Jones Atlantic Pale Ale (4.1% ABV,15 IBU) brings trans-Atlantic UK and US ingredients to life in a medium-bodied brew brimming with citrus aromas, and floral and pine flavour notes.

The Wylie Little IPA (5.5% ABV, 30 IBU) is an all-Aussie beer loaded with fresh tropical fruit flavours and a heady aroma of pine and citrus. A touch of caramel malt sweetness rounds the body and balances wonderfully with the soft bitterness from Australian hops.

Our malt-forward beer, the Tom Crean Irish Red Ale (4.4% ABV, 20 IBU), is a romp through the maltsters’ tool kit. Served on nitro and blending notes of grainy biscuit, light caramel, mild toasted malt, and a bit of chocolate and spice, the beer has an exceptionally complex palate and a smooth, dry finish.

Of course there will be other beers! Wild and crazy, big and hearty, soft and delicate; like all the parts of a good adventure. So keep your eyes peeled for the Wanderer Brew Co beers on an errant path, diverting through the woods to who-knows-where.

Once, on a DJ’s table in Bologna, Italy, there was a random slip of paper written, “The point of the journey is to stop and listen to whoever has a story to tell.” Everybody and every beer has a story to tell. We hope our beers make your story just that little bit more fun to tell. Cheers!

Our Brewer

Born and raised in California, Sam came of (drinking) age in the early stages of the US craft beer explosion of the late 90's. But it was the move to craft-scarce Australia in 2004 that drove him to making his own beer at home. The classic story of hobby-becoming-obsession ensued, and after punishing snails for five years as a post-grad, making beer won out over academia and he embarked on the journey of brewing for a living in 2011. A handful of jobs around Sydney's brewing scene finally put him in touch with the boys at the Wanderer, and the rest, as they say, should be discussed over a pint