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The Lock In at The Wanderer

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Australia’s first immersive cocktail theatre experience.

Get excited.
Welcome to the ultimate night out with theatre, cocktails and a chunk of 80s sci-fi nostalgia. 'The Lock In' is Sydney’s very own portal to the 80s where your world will be literally turned upside down.

 Booking into The Lock In is accepting a one way ticket to small town Indiana, 1988. Weird stuff has been going on at a top secret government facility and locals have been disappearing with no explanation.  You and your associates are invited to investigate the phenomena, solve the mystery and save the day... all the while negotiating your high school crush and trying to top score at the local arcade. This is no PG-13 Goonies adventure.  The lab is fixing up adults only hard liquor - and you’ll be conducting some alcoholic experiments yourself. There’s also a chance to spike the high school dance Punch - just make sure the Sheriff doesn’t find out. All this to a soundtrack of the coolest 80s tracks... The Lock In takes the immersive theatre / experiential bar and cranks it up to Eleven.

So round up your friends and take a trip into our wonderful world to see if you have got what it takes.  You'll need to hurry because this event won't be around for long.

TICKETS: $65 includes two cocktails and all immersive gameplay:

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Front Bar Downstairs

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